a teaching philosophy

Break barriers and widen horizons, deliver the expected in unexpected ways, create memorable learning experiences for each student, convey the notion that our episteme is both, universe and straight jacket, –> motivate.

I believe that motivation is the ultimate key to learning. A student with a vested interest to uncover knowledge will be successful in learning. Recognizing that an interest to learn and motivation come in many different shades, it is my job to provide a rich learning environment in which each student can find his or her own motivation. A rich learning environment includes passionately and knowledgeably delivered instruction that is interactive and collaborative, but also conveys trust in the instructor’s ability as a human guide and subject matter expert. The human guide will be able to uncover individual factors for motivation and encourage their pursuit. The subject matter expert will present the material from various perspectives and is able to guide students through nooks and crannies that contain bits of knowledge worth knowing.

Industry is beginning to realize that technology has to be user-centered. Instruction has to be student-centered with teacher guidance to create a safe, motivating learning environment. I am also a firm believer in the responsibility of each student to create his or her own positive learning experience via independent and critical thinking.

Successful instruction combines the exploration and examination of theory and practice via lecture, immersion, discussion, collaboration, individual boundary stretching, practice, and application.

I challenge myself to bring enthusiasm, subject matter knowledge, learning strategies, pedagocial experience, and attention to each student’s needs into the classroom. I challenge students to find the motivation to let me guide them, to take ownership of their learning, to explore independently, to respect the environment around them, and, foremostly, to live up to their full potential.

My motivation: One question, one comment, one nod that goes beyond the workshop, lecture, presentation.


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